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FABEX is a software package specialized in the tracking of customer contracts and the billing of electrical utilities.


Designed for managers, Surffin offers a family of budget, accounting and financial management applications fully integrated.


Used by the educational institutions, GESFIM is a lead compound in the internship management and the continuing education.

Dossier Psy

Used in the health sector, Dossier Psy is a specialized system made for tracking the outpatient psychiatry customer cares.


Xweb is a budget and financial analysis portal conceived to help managers working in the public or private sectors.


LiGRE is a qualitative, quantitative and mixed data analysis Web application made for students, teachers and research professionals.


FABEX is a system developed by Logiciels Ex-L-Tec and used by the national society Électricité D'Haïti (EDH) for the billing of electrical services to the customers distributed across the cities and provinces of Haïti.

FABEX, an application made for the billing of electrical services and the tracking of customer contracts.

Custom-developed and into production at the EDH since 2009

Technological success

Logiciels Ex-L-Tec has achieved a complete migration of the EDH original database towards an Oracle database in 2008. The success of the software installation in Port-au-Prince in 2009 is the result of a close collaboration between Logiciels Ex-L-Tec and Électricité D'Haïti (EDH), and more specifically with the closely involved EDH managements and departments: the Computer services department (DSI), the Registration and billing service, the Centralized commercial services, the Commercial management, the Financial management and the General management.

FABEX 2.0 upgrade

A technological modernising plan for the material and software infrastructures was started in December 2015 and is about to be finished in 2016. This modernisation replace the FABEX principal production environment to a cutting-edge technology. More specifically, FABEX 2.0 operates an Oracle 12c database on 2 Oracle Netra T4 servers and the Solaris 11 operating system. The system also includes a cloud archivation procedure.


Surffin is a financial software package used by many organizations from both the public and private sectors, since more than 20 years. With its great flexibility, Surffin evoluates and can be adjusted to each organization's specific needs.

Surffin - Budget, accounting and financial management

A family of integrated financial softwares

Surffin includes all the accounting, budget and financial management applications: General Ledger, Receivables, Billing, Payables, etc. It can be integrated to the Xweb portal in order to generate financial reports for the managers and provide help in the decision making.

Technological independence

Surffin is free of technological platform, which means it can evoluate on a large range of server configurations and databases. It can easily be integrated in an existing environment.

In "Company" version

With its great adaptability to the many management environments, Surffin is a reliable and efficient management tool used by enterprises and organizations of any sizes.

In "Healthcare" version

Our great competence in Health care is demonstrated by our many management modules whose efficiency to meet the Health establishments' particular requirements has proven its worth.


A mature software package including all the functions for student internship twinning and management.

GESFIM - A sofware package specialized in the internship and the continuing education management

Synchronisation gateways

Operated at the University of Montreal since 2006

The GESFIM software is in operation at the Faculty of Education of the University of Montreal since june 2006, for the integrated management of the Centre de formation initiale des maîtres database.

Synchronisation gateways

Equipped with a gateway into the academic system, the GESFIM database is automatically maintained up-to-date and synchronized with the educational institution's academic and human resource systems.

Student portal and Employer portal

GESFIM includes scanning and screening mechanisms to perform the twinning of students and employers based on their criteria and preferences. An administration portal controls and tracks the intership applications from the educational institution staff.

Dossier Psy

Dossier Psy was developed by Logiciels Ex-L-Tec to create a system that can manage the patient records and the Individualized Service Plans (ISP) in outpatient psychiatry.

Dossier Psy - an outpatient psychiatry specialized system

Operated at the Centre de Psychiatrie Légale de Montréal (CPLM) of the Institut Philippe-Pinel of Montreal since 1997

Over the years, many development phases have followed one another in order to develop this specialized system with its applications and functions.

Web Individualized Service Plan

Designed for the service plan participants at every level, Dossier Psy has a convivial and meticulous interface. The maintain of "caseloads" by participant is carefully considered and encourages good practices.

XWeb 2

Launched by Logiciels Ex-L-Tec in 2001, Xweb was developed to meet the managers of public system and private society's specific needs. Xweb can be easily integrated to the SURFFIN software range, but can also be integrated to other data warehouses.

Xweb 2 - Management portal

An innovative approach to present the financial statements

Present the financial statements on your Intranet.

Use Xweb to present financial statements or any other management report at every management level of your organization by means of Intranet and Internet. Xweb allows the organization to implement strong publication controls. Use the XWeb "drill down" function to view the detail and the accounting documents of each financial statement items.

Made for administrators

Xweb is made for managers, who don't hesitate to use it as their management portal. Simple but effective operating functions ease the publication of documents for internal use, sent to employees, department heads and managers, or for external use, sent to clients and suppliers.


LiGRE is a web application developed by Logiciels Ex-L-Tec and aimed for the students, the teachers and the research profesionals. LiGRE is the result of a 2 year research and development project to which the National Research Council Canada (NRCC), with its Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), has contributed.

LiGRE - For qualitative, quantitative and mixed analysis

A new analysis model in a multiplatform Web application

What is LiGRE?

With its many features, LiGRE is the perfect tool for the creation of a virtual library and the realisation of qualitative, quantitative and combined analysis. LiGRE, it is 4 products that you can try for free online at

Qualitative tool

Take advantage of the many features offered through the Qualitative module to quickly transcribe your multimedia data, codify your text data and analyze your results.

Quantitative tool

Constitute and distribute questionnaires, manage email survey campaigns, get your results in real time, and produce graphics to analyse your data!

LiGRE tool

Combine your qualitative and quantitative data, and let LiGRE handle the weighing and the correspondence of your results. Maximize the scope of your analysis!

Library tool

Access a versatile and safe virtual library that includes a range of tools dedicated to the storage of electronic documents, the text annotation and the production of bibliographic references.


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