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Research and development: one of our core priorities


Research and development: one of our core priorities

Our research and development program allows us to constantly explore new areas and to continue our technological progress. This year, Logiciels Ex-L-Tec has finished the LiGRE project (Qualiquan), initiated with the National Research Council Canada (NRCC). This project ended with the development of a web application made for quantitative and qualitative data processing, and aimed for the university and professional research communities.

Our technological choices guarantee the development of reliable and easy to maintain management applications that can be implemented on Windows, Linux or Unix system, and an Oracle or SQL database. Our development tools, RAD (Rapid Application Developer) are recognized, powerful and independent of technological platforms.

Oracle developer

APEX Development

APEX application development (Oracle Application Expression) is part of our expertise. We use APEX to develop our Web applications and portals.

Performing web

The underlying APEX languages can perform the development of powerful portals even with a large amount of data.

Oracle Silver

Logiciels Ex-L-Tec is an Oracle partner since many years. We have developed a great competence in the Oracle database integration.


Many Web application demos are available for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and get an online access.

Java client applications

APPX JAVA developer

APPX is a design and utilization environment that allows developers to quickly develop Java Intranet and Internet applications. Appx is particularly efficient in the design of management applications, because of the event programming of management rules.

Open architecture

The APPX applications can be integrated to a large range of databases such as ORACLE, SQL, and every other product that can be connected to ODBC. Applications developed in APPX are interchangeables on the platform basis, which means they can be installed just as well on Windows, Linux or Unix servers, without any change to the source code.

Available in a french version

Logiciels Ex-L-Tec has developed a french user version of APPX. This version includes a french user guide.


See why APPX is a leader in the design of management applications by looking at our demo. Feel free to request an online access.

Value added
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Logiciels Ex-L-Tec is the most important
VAR of APPX Software in Québec.

Logiciels Ex-L-Tec is an APPX Software products Value Added Reseller (VAR). Ex-L-Tec maintains a team of experts which allows it to train and advise developers and users.


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